You may be wondering how there can be so many different bookmakers and if there is a catch somewhere for players.

Well, of course, the house always wants to win first and foremost, and every bookmaker uses different strategies that guarantee a monthly profit.

But you too can gain more than just an advantage over a bookmaker! Every single topic addressed in our Sports Betting Strategy School image prepares you step by step to apply the various techniques to become a betting pro.

Get started with the right bonus

Pretty much every sportsbook offers its players the option to activate a sportsbook bonus during or after their first deposit.

First and foremost, a bonus is always a good thing, but there are also serious differences here and players sometimes run into a bonus trap from which they can no longer get out so easily. To avoid this, we make sure that we only introduce you to sports betting providers that also offer a fair sports betting bonus that extends your gaming fun and gives you the opportunity to accept the challenge and clear the bonus. In addition, you can use a no deposit bonus, for example, to fine-tune your sports betting strategy without risking your money.

With our sports betting strategy and your nose, you have the best prerequisites for clearing any betting provider bonus.

Meet bonus terms

Meet bonus terms

Read through the exact bonus conditions or let professionals explain them to you (yes, we’re talking about us). Then nothing can go wrong and after a few tips, with a bit of luck you will not only have the bonus in your account, but also a few more euros. As a rule, however, the bonus is linked to a certain turnover and minimum odds for tips. The differences here are huge from provider to provider. Some providers allow odds of only 1.5 to convert the bonus amount, while others want odds of at least 2.0. Since betting companies set odds based on the probability of winning and losing, lower odds are more common occurrences and are therefore more suitable for clearing the sports betting bonus. The same goes for wagering requirements – some providers require you to place bets of 6x the value of your bonus. So if you got a €20 bonus, you have to place at least €120 bets to unlock the bonus. Others are less strict and only require 3-5 times the turnover.

Strategy for successful betting record

You can place a bet on just about anything these days. As a rule, the various betting options are specified by the respective bookmaker and some sports betting providers even offer their players the option of generating a specific bet if it does not already exist.

Basically, bets are offered on just about every sport, league and competition that is of interest to the majority of players. In addition, there are betting options for each individual sporting event, allowing you to bet on the outcome of the match, number of goals, first goalscorer, number of throw-ins, correct score and so on. Of course, this leaves plenty of room for the wildest of sports betting strategies, some of which we cover in our advanced section.

You certainly want to bet right now and make your first profits. However, before we get to the point of choosing a suitable bet and waiting for the outcome, the basics are of the utmost importance and will largely contribute to success.

From beginner to advanced with the picture sports betting strategy

From beginner to advanced

Great, you should now have successfully placed your first bet using our sports betting strategy basics.

Was that it? No, just the opposite! You’re just warming up.

To increase your chances of winning, you can repeat the steps you have learned as often as you like and apply them to other betting markets, sports, betting options. In this way you increase your own learning factor at the same time and become an advanced betting fan in no time at all.

But as mentioned, it doesn’t stop there. Once you hit your first win, knowing how to cash it out and how to adjust your betting behavior is essential.

In order to cross that learning bridge too, the following steps will suggest you the most important topics you should know before requesting your first withdrawal.